About: Inspired by Life & Style

Welcome to FUSE Hair Studio a Lifestyle
Boutique which offers a Glamorous Unique
& Inviting Atmosphere.

Inspired by Life & Style we are a fully operational
Hair Studio and Photo Studio which aims to
capture ones expression creating “Art in Motion.”

FUSE Hair Studio consults with clients to aid in
finding their individual form of expression through
Beauty & Photography bring out their innermost
desires creating a unique and
personalizing experience.

The FUSE team truly believes in everything they do
and take great pleasure in being
a part of an individual transformation.

FUSE believes that the client is a work of art, an idea
that is highlighted in the studio by the elegant,
framed mirrors that encapsulate the individual
reflected in them.

BIO - Giuseppe JoZo Alpinelli - 'Live to inspire creation, and create to inspire life.'

Giuseppe JoZo Alpinelli
FUSE Hair Studio
FUSE is an intermingling of the different art
forms its creator Giuseppe JoZo Alpinelli
has dabbled in throughout the years.

With 23 years of experience as a hairstylist,
a background in interior design, a passion for
Photography, graphic design, and
visual arts it only seemed natural that
Giuseppe JoZo Alpinelli have the desire to
“FUSE” all his talents together to create a
brand that he would be more than proud of.

Endeavoring on a project of this magnitude
has been a long-time dream for Giuseppe JoZo
Alpinelli and it has finally come true.

FUSE Hair Studio is a personal commitment
to unite an array of talent, & celebrate
beauty in life.

The name holds a significance of its own;
paralleling to an actual FUSE that connects
energy through different mediums, the
essence of FUSE is all about electricity,
connection, power, energy and most
of all, creation.